For Business

Partner with Poparide to bring your business into the age of Shared Mobility.

Private Networks

Offer safe and reliable carpooling for your employees or students with Poparide Private Networks. Control the privacy of rides and get access to data on the impact of your shared mobility.

Buses & Charters

You run a bus or shuttle service and would like to fill your empty seats on Poparide? Plug into Poparide's booking engine and provide an amazing user experience for your passengers to book their seats.

Affiliate Program

You have a captive audience and you would like them to benefit from knowing about Poparide? We offer an affiliate program to reward you when you send new members our way.

Events & Festivals

Are you organizing an event or a festival and would like to provide ridesharing as an option? Our events & festivals feature provides an easy way for your attendees to rideshare.

Our Clients & Partners